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Family Members List Page

The following is a listing of the family of Juan Mosquera y Manzanilla, with his legitimate offspring, and their children as well:
Juan Mosquera y Manzanilla, son of Marcelo Mosquera and Carmen Manzanilla, m. Jovita Cadiao y Lacson, daughter of Flaviano Cadiao and Julita Lacson.
(1)   Carmen
(2)   Juan, Jr. m. Heile Himatay e Janduquile
            2-1.   Jose Don
            2-2.   Juanita Maisie m. Gerhard Allendorf y Langenbach
                          2-2a.  Olivia-Margit
                          2-2b.  Stephanie Edith Heile
            2-3.   Caesar Horatius
(3)   Flaviano, m. Edith Lomugdang y Magsipoc (first marriage, with six
        children), and to Ednita Manalo y Ricopuerto (second marriage, no issue)
            3-1.   Felix, m. to Gilda Bandong y Importante
                          3-1a.  Francis Geloise
                          3-1b.  French Girard
                          3-1c.  Frank Gideon
                          3-1d.  Fair Gem
            3-2.   Flaviano, Jr.
            3-3.   Carmela, m. to Noel Romero y Ahomada
                          3-3a.  Carmelle Frances
                          3-3b.  Noel Christian
            3-4.   Ediviano, m. to Dedicasion Bucoy y Escote
                          3-4a.  April Deevianne
                          3-4b.  April Viandee
            3-5.   Joviliza, m. to Othelo Toboso y Poliquet
            3-6.   Edith Independencia
(4)   Edith, m. to Salvador Valente y Mecenas
            4-1.   Alan, m. to Cris Marie Gauran y Alpas
                           4-1a.  Aileen Mae
                           4-1b.  Alan Christopher
            4-2.   Alma Mae
            4-3.   Mitzi, m. to Johnson Venturanza y Salde
                           4-3a.  Jan Michelle
                           4-3b.  Chad
                           4-3c.  Johnson, Jr.
                           4-3d.  John Micheal
             4-4.   Judith, m. to Burt Cazenas y Barcelo
                           4-4a.  Julianne Bernadette
                           4-4b.  Joedith Anne
             4-5.   Salvador, Jr. to Rhoda Tendras y Morada
                           4-5a.  Sean Paul
(5)   Ramon, m. to Margarita Gimotea y Alojado
             5-1.   Rex Edgar, m. to Rosalie Cartera y Velez
                           5-1a.  Rex Ryan
                           5-1b.  Raque Ray
                           5-1c.  Rachel Rose
                           5-1d.  Ralph Rexon
                           5-1e.  Rainy Rose
              5-2.   Josille, m. to LeRoy Dybuco y Armonio
                           5-2a.  Lee Selle Mariz
                           5-2b.  Mark Lee Roy
                           5-2c.  Mark Christian
                           5-2d.  Mark Joseph
               5-3.   Ramon, Jr.
               5-4.   Sylvia Gay, m. to Juancho Sadio y Frangue
                            5-4a.  Mica Margarita Ursula
                            5-4b.  Baby Girl
                            5-4c.  John Carlo
                            5-4d.  Justin
               5-5.   Cicero Gary
(6)   Manuel
(7)   Pastor
(8)   Zenaida, m. to Rogelio Yap y Jallorina
               8-1.   Godofredo
               8-2.   Ronald, m. to Mary Ann Tolentino
                             8-2a.  Lisa Angela
                             8-2b.  Rogel Rudolf
                             8-2c.  Pearl Iris
               8-3.   Rogelio, Jr. m. to Analyn de Leon y Franco
                             8-3a.  Ralph Andre
                             8-3b.  Ryke Andrew
               8-4.   Rex John
               8-5.   Maria Jovita m. to Oscar Rodriguez y Iracheta
                             8-5a.  Karla Marie
               8-6.   Maria Eliza
               8-7.   Maria Zenaida m. to Ronaldo Sy y Matias
                             8-7a.  Michael Angelo
               8-8.   Maria Carmel
               8-9.   Roderick

Privacy/Security Issues

For privacy and security reasons, certain types of information (like birth dates, addresses, nationalities, etc.) were not included in this website.
It has been claimed that Juan Mosquera y Manzanilla sired about 24 children by various women in many towns across Antique Province.  While members of his legitimate family know them all and have gallantly acknowledged the paternity of these illegitimate siblings, this website has not included their names.

NOTE: For obvious volume and space reasons, the comprehensive listing of the Manzanilla-Salvani-Mosquera-Cadiao family tree is not presently included in this website.

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